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Those who fear ambition fear failure, and so fear those who don't.

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Bungee jump in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Research- May 22nd, Wirral, Cheshire
I am doing a bungee jump in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Research this coming May, 22nd at Arrowe Park Pub in Cheshire, England.

I need to raise a minimum of £75, and I am hoping that some of the angels I know read this would be kind enough to donate even a £1 or a $1.

This is my donations page, newly created. It is fully legitimate, and the funds go directly to the charities, so your donation and details are secure.

I will, of course, post pictures and evidence of my jump and would be sincerely grateful to all those who offered some charity.

It is all for a good cause.


Boring little tit.


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